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WP2/WP3 Meetings February 13th, 14th and 15th

A WP2 Workshop and WP3 kick off meeting have been scheduled to take place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of February 2013 in Tours, France.

Draft meeting agenda's are available (WP2) here.... and WP3 here... and supporting general information here...

The WP2 workshop will give partners the opportunity to conduct a brainstorming exercise which aims to assist in developing a number of SPECTRUM concepts as part of WP2 task 2.4.


Meeting Location : Alliance Hotel Tours, 15 rue Edouard Vaillant 37000 Tours (France)

Tel : +33 (0)247311212,

Fax : +33 (0)247385335,

Contact person : Mrs Annabelle GALLOPIN

Setha NET’s mobile tel : +33 6 63859557



Meetings on the 15th and 16th signal the start of the design stage of the project with a WP3 kick off meeting.

This workshop is intended for partners to have an in-depth discussion about the activities leading up to July 2013 when D2.5 (detailed performance specifications for the chosen system) will be completed. As an output of the workshop, each task should develop a table of contents of what should constitute possible design solutions and technology review. The contents for propulsion, condition monitoring and tracking & tracing will be jointly determined by the four WP leaders.




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