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SPECTRUM Disseminated at RRUKA Event

Poster July 2009SPECTRUM was well represented at the RRUKA Next Generation Rail: Inspiring the Future of Rail Professionals conference, held this week (July 15th & 16th) in London.

Clare Woroniuk presented her recent simulation modelling work conducted as part of deliverable D2.2 Capacity Management. The presentation detailed the results of simulations ran to explore the potential of a SPECTRUM service across four European service areas. 

Ross Jackson also submitted a poster (AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD) which provided delegates with an overview of the SPECTRUM project including some of the most pertinent outcomes. 

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SPECTRUM General Assembly - Istanbul

SPECTRUM Rail July 2013 WebThe entire SPECTRUM consortium came together for the third time since the SPECTRUM project commenced in May 2011.

The general assembly was held at the TCDD facility in Fenerbahçe, Istanbul Turkey on July 9th and 10th. The event was attended by close to 30 delegates and included several members of the project advisory board.

On the morning of the first day, a warm welcome was extended to partners by project coordinators NewRail. After this time was spent updating all project partners, especially those that have not been directly involved in the project to date.

Significant time was spent presenting the concepts that have been developed and evaluated as the latest output of the project.

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SPECTRUM Featured in EIA and UIC Newsletters

The SPECTRUM project has recently featured in a number of correspondence from dissemination partners EIA and UIC. Interested parties can find links to these below.  

UIC E News Edition 351

EIA Newsletter 2013 Issue 1

EIA Newsletter 2012 Issue 3



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